In 1866 Colonel Peter McGlashan, Mayor, was instrumental in the organization of the first Volunteer Fire Company “The Neptunes”.  This company was incorporated by the Superior Court of Thomas County in December of 1866.  The following petition for incorporation will show many names still represented in Thomasville .

To the Honorable Superior Court of Said County; December term, 1866.  The petition of the undersigned showeth that they and their successors desire to be incorporated under the name and style of Neptune Fire Engine and Protection Company No.1, to act in the town of Thomasville in the County aforesaid.

             The object of your petitioners is to protect the public and private property within the corporated limits of the town of Thomasville in case of fire; wherefore your petitioners pray the passing of an order conferring upon petitioners and their successors, the privileges appertaining to their incorporation, according to the intent and purposes of the Statue in such cases made and provided.

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